• Developing strategic patent licensing terms
  • Documenting your position for licensing negotiations
  • Negotiating license agreement with third parties
  • Advising in the course of licensing negotiations

Licensing your intellectual property is an effective way to quickly establish a return on investment and to leverage expansion of your business. A license agreement is a contract in which the patent owner gives permission to a licencee to commercialise or use their technology in exchange for payments (e.g. in the form of a one-off payment, royalties or both).

However, negotiating a patent license agreement is often a minefield and many entrepreneurs fail to maximise returns by accepting unfavourable licensing arrangements. One of our senior commercialisation advisers, Dr. John Baxter, who has over 30 years experience in licensing intellectual property, has been interviewed on patent licensing and provided a case study on IP Australia’s website.

Slipstream Commercialisation’s unique patent licensing strategy service properly equips entrepreneurs for patent licensing negotiations. In your strategy session, we will help you develop a patent licensing strategy that you can take with you to the negotiating table. Having a proper licensing strategy could easily improve your position by tens if not hundreds of thousands of dollars.

During the session, we will discuss issues in relation to your patent license agreement, such as manufacturing and sales territories, license fees, royalty rates, funding for intellectual property protection, exclusively and associated key protection terms.

Slipstream Commercialisation also offers Licensing Terms Preparation Service in which we prepare a Patent Licensing Brief outlining your position on important commercial aspects of the forthcoming licensing negotiations. Once prepared, your Patent Licensing Brief can be taken to licensing negotiations or to an experienced intellectual property solicitor to simplify preparation of a patent license agreement.