Slipstream Commercialisation can assist you to understand and unlock the value of your Intellectual Property (IP).

You or your company may have already successfully commercialised one or a number of innovations and be looking at how you can:

  • Value your existing patents(s); and
  • Increase your revenue stream by extending you patent coverage into new business categories.

Slipstream Commercialisation can assist you with.

  1. Patent Portfolio Heat Map
    In conjunction with our Information Partner we will prepare a Patent Heat Map for your patent(s). A Patent Heat Map defines the areas of future business opportunities for your patent(s) including whether your patent(s) could have commercial relevance in other business sectors.

  1. Valuation of your IP
    In conjunction with our Patent Attorney Partner, we can provide you with a financial valuation of your IP.

  1. Commercialisation Advice
    Our team of 25+ industry specialist Commercialisation Advisers can create and maximise income from your valuable intellectual property assets. Slipstream Commercialisation reviews your Patent Portfolio Heat Map and IP Valuation to assist you in determining the most commercially appropriate pathway for your IP. This may include the preparation of your IP for a discussion with a potential partner with view to a joint venture, license or sale.