Our commercialisation advisers can also assist in preparing a commercialisation plan providing you with a valuable inslight into available commercialisation paths to help you identify which paths will likely be the most profitable.

Our commercialisation plan service begins with a meeting between you and your commercialisation adviser during which he will ask you a series of questions to attempt to better understand your business aspirations, products or services, competitors and marketplace.

You can then instruct your commercialisation adviser to:

  • Research the market for your products or services, including:
    • The main market participants
    • The market size, nature, location and growth potential
    • Common methods of manufacturing
  • Research your main direct and indirect competitors by:
    • Comparing their products against your own in terms of cost and functionality
    • Advise on the strength of competition facing your new product or service
  • Analyse how best to commercialise your products or services by(as relevant):
    • Advising regarding patent licensing and potential licensees
    • Determining how your product should be positioned in the market including where it should be sold and approximate pricing
    • Conducting a Strengths-Weaknesses-Opportunities-Threats(SWOT)analysis

The above analysis will typically culminate in a 10-15 page commercialisation plan providing recommendations in relation to one or more commercialisation paths representing your best prospects for commercial success.